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EAS System Overview

EAS System Overview

There are many reasons for transitioning from traditional mechanical locks to electronic locks. Southco's Electronic Access Solutions (EAS) provide improved security, increased convenience, integration with existing electronic systems and industrial design that appeals to end user preferences.

A proper electronic access solution includes four main components:

  • Electromechanical Lock or Latch (EML) – The most critical component of any electronic access system, the EML performs the electromechanical locking or unlocking function upon receipt of a valid electronic signal and provides an output of its status to external monitoring systems.
  • Access Control Device – Serves as the human interface, allowing the EML to be remotely operated through a variety of options such as keypads, RF remote control, biometric devices, proximity readers and other wireless devices.
  • Remote Monitoring – Electronic access solutions have the unique ability to capture an electronic "signature" for each access attempt. This info, together with additional security and environmental data, can be output to a variety of devices from simple indicator lights to networked, software-based remote monitoring systems.
  • Manual Override System – In some cases, an override system is required to provide access in the event of a system power failure. This override system can be mechanical or electrical with power systems.