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Hinges from Southco

Southco's line of Positioning Hinges offer standard solutions for external, concealed or fully integrated designs requiring repositioning and control of motion. Our hinging technology features a typical life cycle of over 20,000 cycles, and up to 100,000. Southco's Positioning Hinges are scalable to suit any torque requirement and packaging space, allowing the flexibility to create a customized hinge for your unique application.

Torque hinges use engineered friction systems provide continuous resistance against motion, and are available in both factory pre-set constant torque version, as well as field-settable, adjustable torque models.

  • Provides constant resistance throughout the entire range of motion
  • Constant torque versions:
    • Are preset in our manufacturing facility and never require adjustment
    • Zero-drift and backlash, even under vibration or dynamic loads
    • Available with asymmetric torque for simplified operation
  • Adjustable torque versions:
    • Allow the resistance to be field adjusted using a screwdriver
    • Permit one hinge to be used for a variety of applications

This positioning hinge design uses spring tension, to hold the hinged object securely at one or more predetermined angle(s) – fully closed, partially open or fully open.

  • Provides additional resistance at pre-determined angles
  • Preset in our manufacturing facility, locking into place every time
  • Can be customized for specific angle andbreakaway load requirements
  • Eliminate gas struts and latch points needed to keep doors shut
  • Hold doors opened or closed and move panels securely into position without secondary supports
  • Provide intuitive self-opening & self-closing motion